Research & Publications

Institutional and Development Economics


  • [Conference Paper]  Sai, Andrew A. (2016) Informal Institutions and Economic Development: The formal Institutions Paradox, 3rd Witten Conference on Institutional Change (WIWA), Witten/ Herdecke University, Germany [Download PDF below]

Technological Change


  • [Published Article] Sai, Andrew A.,Boadi, P.(2017), A Bundled Approach to Explaining Technological Change: The Case of e-Estonia, European Journal of Business and Management [Print: ISSN 2222-1905, Online: ISSN 2222-2839, Vol. 9, No. 30, pg. 1-17] [Download PDF below]

  • [Article] Sai, Andrew A. (2017), Extraneous Technology Adoption: Evidence from Expatriates in Estonia 
  • [Article] Sai, Andrew A., Naroznaja, A. (2017) Analysing the Vehicle Insurance Ecosystem in Estonia using Actor Network Theory (ANT) 
  • [Conference Paper] Sai, Andrew A., Furs-Nižnikova, N. (2018) A Comparative study of Agile software development in Estonia Using Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) 
  • [Conference Paper] Sai, Andrew A. (2018), Between Technological Change and Growth: A Review of Theoretical Concepts and Empirical Literature on Diffusion Models and Social Change 

Organisational Performance, Consumer Behaviour & e-Commerce

  • [Published Article] Karikari, F. Ama, Opoku Boadi, P. & Sai, Andrew A. (2017), Rewarding Employees for Corporate Performance Improvements, Human Systems Management [Print: ISSN 0167-2533, Online: ISSN 1875-8703, Vol. 36, Issue 4, DOI 10.3233/HSM-17186]
  • [Published Conference Paper] Opoku Boadi, P., Guoxin, L., Sai, Andrew A. & Antwi, P. (2017), A Critique of the Impact of Dissatisfaction on the Consumer, Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Social Sciences and Education Research, China [JEL code: M31] 
  • [Article] Opoku Boadi, P., Guoxin, L., Sai, Andrew A. & Antwi, P. (2017), Factors that Influences a Consumer's Willingness to engage in Co-creation of Value 
  •  [Article] Opoku Boadi, P., Guoxin, L., Sai, Andrew A. & Antwi, P. (2018) A study on the effect of customer dissatisfaction and its impact on negative word of mouth 
  • [Article] Opoku Boadi, P., Karikari, F. Ama & Sai, Andrew A. (2018), An Analysis of Students' Satisfaction of Vegetarian Diet: The Case of Valley View University, Ghana. 

Non-Scientific Publications

  • Mind Your Language, The State Auditor Newsletter, 2011
  • The Regularity Audit Manual (RAM) So Far, The State Auditor Newsletter, 2014
  • Why Aren't They Deducting My SSNIT Contributions, The State Auditor Newsletter, 2015

[Conference paper] Informal Institutions in Economic Development_2016 (abridged version) (pdf)


A Bundled Approach to Explaining Tech Change_EJBM-Vol_9 No.30 2017 (pdf)


A critique of the impact of dissatisfaction on the consumer 2017 (pdf)